Monday, 1 August 2011


true friends are present that last ,
forever and that feel like gift from above,
true friends are one in million ,
true friends are stories to share  ,
true friends known the path to your happiness ,
and they walk with you all the way there ,
true friends are lives overlapping ,
true friends are laughter and joys ,
true friends are emotions so deep that ,
she trust keepps growing over the years ,
true friends are hand to find  ,
true friends are easy to adore ..

friends for today . .friends for tomorrow .
friends through the good days .
friends through the sorrow .
for the memories that we make .
the thing we give ,lend ,share ..
and borrow. ..

The Recipe Of  Friendship . .

1 cup of sharing , ,
2 cup of caring , ,
3 cup of forgiveness , ,
mix all of these together
to make friend forever . .

Friendship words . .

the road may be narrow and long
but you're got to stride along
you may stumble and fall
but don't you give up ever feel blue
remember ,i'm alwaz there for you..

~a true friend is a someone who walks in
when others walks out . .

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